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  • SS0294. ALDOUS

    Hard back book with speech bubble design on the front cover. Contains 100 white speech bubble shaped sticky notes, 25 yellow sticky notes and coloured flags. Available in black, blue and red.
    Size: 105 x 80 x 18mm . Print: 70 x 35mm


    Fold out, concertina, sticky notepad with green, bright pink, purple and light pink sticky notes. Available in 3 colours.
    Size: 85 x 60 x 20mm .
    Print: 45 x 75mm


    Small hard back book with sticky notes and five coloured page flags. Available in 7 colours.
    Size: 81 x 53 x 16mm .
    Print: 75 x 45mm


    SS0288. ALPHA

    240 page memo block with natural card cover
    and black PU handles. Memo block pages are
    made of 12 different colours.
    Size: 75 x 72 x 25mm . Print: 65 x 60mm


    SS0350. RUSHTON

    Spiral bound eco fl ag and sticky notepad with 5 colours of fl ag and 3 colours of sticky note, bound in recycled paper cover.
    Size: 85 x 75 x 25mm . Print: 60 x 40mm



    Eco-friendly notebook with sticky notes, fl ags and pen. All housed in recycled paper folder.
    Size: 93 x 105 x 11mm . Print: 75 x 90mm


    SS0352. BAMBER

    Eco-friendly desk set. Including sticky notes, fl ags, ruler and pen. All housed in stylish recycled paper box.
    Size: 65 x 161 x 24mm . Print: 55 x 145mm


    SS0100. EDITION

    Recycled hard backed desk caddy with 2 packs of 180 neon sheets, 25 yellow sticky notes and 5 sets of neon coloured fl ags in orange, pink, yellow, green and blue.
    Size: 94 x 114 x 45mm . Print: 60 x 90mm



    Natural tri-fold eco desk set including 100 sheet kraft paper notepad, 25 yellow sticky notes, fl ags in 5 colours, 8cm ruler and pen with black ink. Available in natural colour.
    Size: 120 x 103 x 27mm . Print: 80 x 100mm


    SS0292. NEON NOTES

    Recycled hard backed notepad with plain pages in 5 neon colours. Available in natural colour.
    Size: 104 x 104 x 10mm . Print: 90 x 70mm


    SS0283. BLACKROD

    Spiral bound notepad with flags, sticky notes and ruler. A great little portable notebook combination, for on the move.
    Size: 60 x 130 x 10mm . Print: 25 x 110mm


    SS0256. POCO

    Paper matchbook style flag holder with 5 colours of paper flags.
    Size: 54 x 83 x 4mm . Print: 65 x 30mm

  • SS0289. TOOTS

    Plastic covered sticky note and flag booklet with pen. Includes one set of mini sticky notes and 3 flag sets. Available in 3 translucent colours.
    Size: 85 x 53 x 5mm . Print: 75 x 45mm

  • SS0353. FLIP NOTE

    Hard backed rectangular notepad with plain white pages and six sets of coloured flags. Available in black, blue and red.
    Size: 155 x 103 x 10mm . Print: 95 x 45mm

  • SS0170. MEMO ROLL

    5m long yellow sticky note tape housed in a square plastic casing with a serrated edge. Available in blue, red and white.
    Size: 54 x 54 x 30mm . Print: 45 x 45mm



    Plastic wheelie bin shaped single pencil sharpener. Available in 4 colours.
    Size: 38 x 58 x 32mm . Print: 35 x 20mm


    SS0080. CASHEW

    Executive look business card holder with secure close. Compact slim line design.
    Size: 93 x 58 x 5mm . Print: 75 x 40mm



    4.5cm white eraser with a black plastic cover. Available in white.
    Size: 55 x 33 x 10mm . Print: 20 x 20mm


Lollipop Bang Bang Sticks

Inflate the two sticks and bang them together to create a noise. 2 bang bang sticks in a pack and a straw to inflate included.

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  • Sports

    Oval Silicon Watch - 170mm dia. colors : White, bright pink, red, apple green, light green, cool gray, amber, violet, blue, light blue


  • Umbrella

    Sevier - 30" Double canopy automatic golf umbrella with fibreglass shaft
    Handle colors : Black, Green, Navy Blue


  • Drinkware

    Oregan - 450ml stainless steel travel mug with coloured handle
    colors : Amber, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Cyan


Plastic sunglasses
with built in bottle opener
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